The Current Exhibition -

Mathieu Hutin

 Exhibition: October 12th – December 10th, 2018

The Empty Quarter Gallery is proud to exhibit Enchanting Angkor Wat, Mathieu Hutin’s second exhibition at the Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai.

With over 5 million annual visitor, discovering Angkor Wat can either be a shock due to the intensity of its visiting tourists, or a mesmerizing spiritual experience upon contemplating the beauty of this ancient temple.

Within the chaos created by the thousands of daily tourists, Mathieu found peace and harmony, as well as deep moments of connection between these ancient temples and some of their visitors. Humans allowed Mathieu to highlight the scale of the temple complex, but it is the buddhist monks visiting and living within the complex that added to the magic. The dramatic imposing scenery combined with the simplicity of the buddhist monks presents an absolutely amazing and unique contrast.