Courtyard of the zaouia of Moulay Idriss. Fez, Morocco. 1983

Morocco: A Scorching Beauty

Opening reception Monday, March 17th from 7pm -10pm

Exhibition: March 17th – April 17th, 2014

Born in 1941 in Morocco, Barbey has journeyed across five continents and numerous world conflicts, though he does not consider himself a war photographer, he has nevertheless covered the civil war in Nigeria, Vietnam, the Middle East, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ireland, Iraq and Kuwait. His love for and fascination with Morocco, the land of his childhood, is evident in the colourful body of work shown in this exhibition. Barbey expresses a unique empathy for its people in the subtle complexities of life he reveals through his lens. “ I find smells and colours that remind me of my youth. And one should not forget that this country has inspired painters such as Delacroix and Matisse.” The yellow ochre and burnt umber tones of the towns and rural areas depic