The Current Exhibition -

“Moments” – the latest The Empty Quarter Gallery exhibition in support of emerging artists and photographers from the UAE.

Collection Artist
Cityscapes Ahmad Alnaji
Pearl Diving & The Burqa Al Moutasim Al Maskery
Nurturing Artists Christopher Osborne
Where the sun always shines Christopher Osborne
Raya and Sakina Habby Khalil
Unforgettable Moments Hamed Musharbak
Polo Horses Irina Kazaridi
Wild Janaina Matarazzo
UAE Landscapes Khaled Al Hammadi
Zanzibar H.E. Muhammad Al Murr
Nepal by Night Sebastian Ebbinghaus
Desert Splendour Yousif Al Harmoodi

“Moments” opens at The Empty Quarter Gallery in DIFC, Dubai on Tuesday 6th August 2019 at 7pm. This is the latest in the gallery’s efforts to promote emerging artists within the UAE and the GCC.

This exhibition sees a diverse visual delight works that succeeds in capturing a moment. Hamed Musharbak and Yousif Al Harmoodi show a selection of their stunning UAE landscapes, while fellow Emirati photographers Khaled Al Hammadi and Ahmad Alnaji exhibit a selection of theiraward winning local cityscapes. Omani Al Moutasim Al Maskery shows samples from his works on the realities of pearl diving and an exploration of the burqa. Egyptian Habby Khalil pays homage to Egypt’s ruthless women murders. Irina Kazaridi shows a selection of images from her international series on Polo and Horses, while Brazilian photographer Janaina Matarazzo has an impressively stylised show of African wildlife. Emirati H.E. Muhammad Al Murr has a stunning collection of images shot in Zanzibar. German Sebastian Ebbinghaus’ explores the mysteries of Nepal, while British artist Christopher Osborne has a selection of handmade dreamy blue images reminding us of the dream of being on holiday and some huge shadow images of fellow artists.

The strength of the curation of these works lies in the creativity, enthusiasm, originality and work each artist has clearly put into their work.

“Promoting emerging art is good for our society, and ultimately is good for our business”, says owner Safa Al Hamed. “While The Empty Quarter Gallery will always showcase the best in photographic art from around the world, it is also important that we contribute to developing artists here in the UAE”. She points out that “some of these artists have exhibited with our gallery in the past, and it is important that we continue to support our own artists, and help them to grow” .

“Moments” will be on show at The Empty Quarter Gallery between Tuesday 6th August and 18th September, 2019.