September 01st to October 14th 2012

Beyond bright lights and big events lie the little moments born from an unforgettable day.  Moments that paint vivid strokes of colour onto a blurry repertoire of life’s memories.

Scarlett Coten, ‘Still Alive’

A trip through Egypt’s Sinai Desert captures a glimpse of the new Bedouin life.

Karjin Kakebeeke

A brief reportage of a traditional Afghani woman, establishing a junior soccer player’s team with the free-spirited nature of sport and everyday life.

Virgilio Ferreira

A surreal journey into overlapping moments and memories of someone’s mind.

Newsha Tavakolian

Seen from within. Balancing region’s contradictions, while reflecting on social-political issues and stereotypes.

Bas Princen

Monumental views of Petra & Aswan.