May 8th to June 20th 2012

Less than half a century ago, there are few, if anyone, who would have associated ‘SPEED’ with an epicentre at the coordinates of ‘51 -57° East 22 -25 °North’ commonly known as the United Arab Emirates.

Today, 40 years after the seven Trucial States, neighbouring Oman and Saudi Arabia, decided to team up as one country and speed up its development, the UAE can claim its race to compete has seen it climb to the top of the world.

The Empty Quarter Gallery is celebrating the UAE’s forty years of achievement with ‘Poetry of Speed’

The Empty Quarter and the photographers Maitha bint Khalid, Andre Lavadinho, Genoveva Kriechbaum, Kareem Mohsen Sahib and Marwan Zouhair Naanmani are inviting you to join them in the ‘Poetry of Speed’