June 14 – July 31, 2011

Curated group show featuring six emerging photographers relating to the Indian subcontinent:

Mahesh Shantaram
Priya Kambli
Michael Bühler-Rose
Neil Chowdhury
Zubin Pastakia
Vidisha Saini

Anyone attempting to offer a comprehensive survey of contemporary Indian photography will soon resemble the blind men who were unable to comprehend the entire form of the elephant. The continent itself defies an all-embracing view, and can only be celebrated in its dazzling, kaleidoscopic plurality of visions. Like the blind men, who ultimately rely on communicating to one another their tales of the same beast if they want to arrive at any kind of insight, so do we rely on the many tales told of India by the photographers in this group show, each giving a glimpse of the living entity that is India.