December 7 – January 31, 2012

Opening: December 7, 7-10 pm

Vincent Fournier – Space Project
Jan Kempenaers – Spomenik
Nicholas de Monchaux – Fashioning Apollo
Maurice Loewy & Pierre Puiseux – Historic Moon Atlas
Lebanese Rocket Science – courtesy of Arab Image Foundation

Space: the Final Frontier. An infinite supply of knowledge and resources await us, just outside our atmosphere. Since the beginning of time, humans have looked up at the sky wondering what exactly was up there. Five hundred years ago, Christopher Columbus sailed west across the Atlantic, using the stars to guide him. Today, modern explorers are charting a course that may eventually take humanity out among the stars themselves. It’s not so easy to instill in the public the same brand of wonder and nationalist pride that the Space Race evoked from 1958 to 1975.

Although many no longer agree, space exploration is one of the most important factors that will blast the human race into the future. The year 2011 marks the 42th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the centennial of Futurism, and the quadricentennial of the Newtonian telescope. In the same year, it was announced that Virgin Galactic plans to build its first commercial space port in Abu Dhabi. What better time than now to look back on the past and toward the future of space travel, that ultimate flight of fancy of the human imagination?