Christopher Osborne is a British artist/photographer, who has been based in the Middle East for seven years. He is a keen traveller and has been making images around the world during this period.

His practice examines place, humanity and the aspirational values of society. His work is both celebratory and yet at the same time, the viewer often finds themselves questioning underlying narratives. His unique style provides a visually intriguing and yet contemporary twist on the subject at hand.

His work is all handcrafted and produced in limited editions. He primarily shoots on film. The final medium for presentation is carefully selected near the beginning of a project to maximise the impact of the series of work. He has made bodies of work using both black and white and colour silver gelatin prints, works in cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown and salt prints.

When not making images, Christopher teaches the occasional course in darkroom practice and in the application of alternative photography processes.

Christopher has an MA (photography), is an Associate of the RPS (Royal Photographic Society), and is a member of Tashkeel in Dubai.

Nuturing Artists

Nurturing Artists – Making a photogram at Tashkeel.

Where the Sun Always Shines


Nostalgic Arabia