Habby Khalil was born in Alexandria, Egypt on August 5, 1979. As a child, his first interaction with art was through his father, an amateur painter. At the age of ten Habby took private lessons in drawing. During college he was never satisfied with business administration as a major, so he chose to educate himself in arts to a level which enabled him later to put his first step in the art industry.

Habby has been working in the creative field since 2000. He started the early years of his life career working as a 3D artist, during that period he was studying photography, which was part of an educational program he had assigned to himself in order to expand his artistic knowledge.

In 2006, and in response to his passion toward composition, lighting and art directing, he decided to go further with photography to become a nowadays well-recognized advertising photographer in the Middle East.

He has built a rich portfolio with many International agencies and brands, and his work has been exposed throughout international publications and magazines.

He has won several international awards for his distinguished achievement in photography domain, such as 2 gold and 2 silver medals in The Prix de la Photographie Paris in 2016, and 3rd place prize in Moscow International Foto Awards in 2015, alongside numerous honorable mentions, such as Seven Honorable Mentions in four main categories in International Photography Awards in 2015 and One Honorable Mention in Neutral Density Photography Awards in 2015, and his movie “In A Day” has received a Special Mention Award in the 37th Cairo International Film Festival in 2015.