Myriam Abdelaziz is a French photographer of Egyptian origin. She received a BA in Political Science, a Master in Journalism and  a MBA. After 7 years of work in the Marketing field, Myriam left  the corporate world to fully dedicate herself to photography.  She graduated from the International Center of Photography and has been based in New York since 2005.

Her work has been published in The National, Raw Magazine, Fortune Magazine, Eyemazing, Adbusters, Courrier International, La Republica del Donne, La Dominica di Republica, Tecknicart, The British Journal of Photography, American Photography and was  featured in solo and group exhibitions  in  Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

In 2009 the Magenta Foundation named Myriam one of the 25 Emerging Photographers in the USA.

Passionately attracted to people and their stories, Myriam is mainly working on intimate portraiture.