Raed Bawayah was born in Palestine in 1971. Gratuated in 2004 from the Musrara school of photography in Jerusalem, he currently lives and works in Paris.

Working in different countries, Raed Bawayah always takes into consideration the people ignored by the national and / or international community. In the line of Diane Arbus whom he feels related with, Raed Bawayah has developed a special interest for the people considered as “marginalized”: « At a time when the overwhelming majority of Palestinian photographers is caught in the grip of photojournalism and provides daily coverage of the conflict in occupied territories, I choose a different approach, » says Bawayah, to justify the bias of its standard.

His framings generally frontal focus on the whole character and its surrounding sphere around which Bawayah revolves with discretion. Thus, the subject doesn’t pose, but is caught in a natural attitude. In that way, Bawayah wants to give voice to the “silent solitudes”, bring them into resonance with the public thanks to the size of a square format.

So far, he has achieved 9 series in black and white which reveal a great sensitivity and a constant quest for identity – his own and the others’. He sees himself through the reality of his characters, shares parts of their life, and hence generates their trust. Such proceeding brings a unique and remarkable intimacy.