Samuel Davis creates images with a playful curiosity of popular and kitsch culture. His images combine obscure technology, science fiction and childhood fantasy in order to call into question notions regarding memory, nostalgia, imagination and pulp/cyber folklore. Davis creates images that he hopes will cause the viewer to pause and question while at the same time provide a pathway for the viewer into another frame of thought-to proactively imagine.

His work references his family history – his father had once been a participant in an atomic test during the 1950’s, while other family members worked on the first submarines during the civil war. When Samuel Davis is not chasing U.F.O’s, he is teaching alternative process and analogue photography as Assistant Professor of Photography at Southern Utah University.

Originally from Pensacola, FL, Samuel Davis received his BFA from the University of Florida in Creative Photography and an MFA in Photography and Sculpture from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.