Brussels, Belgium-based Vincent Fournier is a commercial and fine-art photographer whose photographs of rockets, moon landscapes, and cosmonauts have enjoyed worldwide appeal since 2006. The winner of a bronze award at the Cannes Festival and Gold Clio, Fournier has a distinctive style that merges fantasy with reality, leading the viewer through a colorful journey into the unknown.

Vincent Fournier offers a photographic journey through the most representative utopia of the 20th century. From his images of “Tour Operator,” revealing an ironic and aesthetic vision of our world with its domesticated landscape, to the retro futuristic space odyssey of “Space Project,” to the upcoming “Underworld” project, his photographs are allegories of childhood dreams, where reality mixes with science fiction. He interprets stories of travels around the world, to the moon, under the earth, in the bedroom, and to the end of the street with a sense of irony and an aesthetic akin to an encounter with Jules Verne and Jacques Tati.

Represented by seven international galleries in Paris, Brussels, London, Milan, Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles, Fournier also has attracted industry heavyhitters, such as Wallpaper Magazine, BETC, and TBWA. He’s the author of two books, Tour Operator, AD2 Editions, 2007, and Space Project, Verlhac Editions, 2008. Here, he explains how his Hasselblad H3DII has helped him capture his complex, futuristic images.

My niche is building complex images that possess a natural fidelity. I am curious, patient, passionate and happy about my work. I want people who view my work to feel as though they’re inside this world that I’ve created through photography, which forces me to experiment with my craft as much as possible.