Marhoum has been fascinated with unstructured compositions, models which flowed freely, unconstricted by order. Thus with his focus on freedom, he began his artistic career as a calligrapher- visualizing the alphabet in geometric forms. By 2005 however, Marhoum turned his attention to photography, which he used to show how he perceived his community. In the end however, his true talent emerged with landscapes. Marhoum has enjoyed a favorable reception in the MENA region, with group exhibitions and photography competitions in Saudi Arabia. His first solo exhibition tool place in Riyadh, and this will be his first exhibition at The Empty Quarter.

Previous exhibitions:
Mishkat Art Gallery (Permanent show)
Mishkat Art Gallery, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Bridging Generation (Participant)
June 2013
Alfaisal University, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Judge jury on a competion ISLAM IS GLOBAL
May 2013
Zaree (Participant)
April, 2013
L’Art Pur Gallery, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Kuwait Fashion and Art (Participant)
March  2013
Mina Al-Salam Hotel, UAE, Dubai

Saudi Art & Fashion Exhibition 2013 (Participant)

February  2013
Nayyara Hall, Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Rhythm of Nature (solo)
January 16  2013