Refund Policy

Damaged Merchandise

In the event that a print arrives bent or damaged, the customer will ship the damaged print back to the Empty Quarter Gallery and we will replace it with a new copy of the same print selection at no additional cost to the customer. Shipping charges will be remitted to the customer upon receipt of the damaged print. You have seven days from the date of receipt to report damage (or any other reason for returns) to the Empty Quarter Gallery via phone or via email at [email protected].

Errors on part of the Gallery

If the reason for return is because of our error, we apologize and will gladly credit you the full amount charged, including shipping and handling costs, and we will credit your return shipment provided the following conditions exist:

  • Merchandise is shipped back in the same container as when it left the Empty Quarter Gallery, including original packaging.
  • The return is authorized by calling the Empty Quarter Gallery, or emailing us at [email protected] to report the return.

Online E-Commerce Store Return Policy

The gallery will accept returns of merchandise, excluding work that was a “Custom Order,” or “Fine Art Print Work”, purchased at for exchange or store credit within 7 days of purchase. All merchandise leaves the gallery intact and in perfect condition. The following conditions are exempt from our Online Return Policy:

  • Work being shipped outside the United Arab Emirates, is not returnable for either a cash refund or store credit.
  • Past Exhibits that are sold from the website are not eligible for refunds, only current exhibits are eligible for our refund policy
  • All items that have been discounted, or on offer, are not eligible for refunds.

Print Services Quality Guarantee

We guarantee lamination, mounting, wrap mounting and gallery wrapped canvases to arrive free from defects. If you believe that there is a defect in your finishing services, please contact us. In the event of a defect, we will reprint your image(s) free of charge.

Some of our substrates can shape or form to packaging during transit. In this case the substrate can almost easily be “reformed” to correct the issue. For example, paper prints rolled in a tube may have waves from the rolling. Or a canvas print may have lost tension or formed somewhat to parts of the packaging in contact with it. These are examples of cases where simple techniques you can perform at home or work resolves the issue without replacement. In these types of cases, we will require your assistance in implementing simple solutions. In the event that the issue cannot be resolved using standard techniques, with a good faith effort from you, we will replace it.

In most cases we will issue a reprint order immediately. However, we may ask you to return the print(s) in question if we feel we need to see them to verify the issue. In this case, we may, at our discretion choose to wait to issue reprints until we have received the original prints back from you.

Colour Quality Guarantee

If your print has lines running through it, or the color is starkly different than the color in your image then the printer that generated your print may have been having technical difficulties, and we will re-print your image for free.

If you perceive a subtle difference in color, please understand that color is subjective. The color may look slightly different on your monitor than it would on our monitors (due to monitor calibration). Further, a single print can also look different in white light vs. natural light, vs. yellow light. Because color is subjective, we do not re-print at our expense in cases where we cannot detect a notable visible difference between your print and the color of your digital image. If you feel that the color is notably and visibly off, you can send your print(s) back to us for evaluation. If we can detect the same difference we will re-print.

Refunds & Returns

In the event of a defect in workmanship, a re-print of the image is the first remedy. No refunds will be made unless the item cannot be reprinted correctly.

We rarely request that you return a defective or damaged print to us. In most cases, it costs less to simply reproduce an item than to deal with returns, and it’s more convenient for you as well. We do reserve the right however to ask you to return an item to us for replacement. In the event that it’s being returned for defect in workmanship, or damage in transit, we will refund you the amount of return shipment within 14 days of receiving the return from you.

In all cases, we require that you send a photo (taken by a cell phone camera is fine) that clearly shows the defect or damage to us before any reprints or refunds can be issued.