Martin Becka – Dubai Transmutations

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Martin Becka has taken and developed a series of scenic photographs of Dubai using only equipment from the 18th century. They are Fox Talbot Calotype Waxed paper negatives, taken with a view camera from 1857, and the work was engraved on copper plates, inked and printed on hand made paper. The result is a marriage of antique and contemporary; modern-day Dubai seen through the lens of yesteryear. The scenes depicted in the 40 photographs have an eerie other-worldliness about them and seem almost an anachronistic archaeological study.

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For this project, Martin Becka has captured the city of Dubai using techniques that date back to the very beginnings of photography. By staging a collision between the historical and the present time, Becka creates a deliberate anachronism and therewith takes us far from the usual expectations we harbour towards Dubai. In Becka’s earthly warm and exquisitely detailed salted paper prints a monument has been erected for the future generations of Dubai.